Hi I am Kim!

One of my favorite things is to see HOPE light up on someone’s face and heart when I know hopelessness and despair had taken up residence in their soul for far too long.


Combining various skills and many years of knowledge and experience aiding others in growth, Kimberly has cultivated a burning passion to help others evolve into their best self. Kim is an U.S. Air Force veteran, Air Force Leadership Development Program graduate, Air Force Certified Master Resilience Trainer and Violence Prevention Instructor, a trained singer with over 20 years of singing experience, School of Coaching Mastery graduate, and Tony Gaskins Jr. Academy Certified Life Coach. 

For many years Kim has had an on-line community presence dedicated to spreading encouragement, wisdom, and positive vibes over various platforms.  Having overcome harsh misfortune of her own, Kimberly has been deliberate about fulfilling her destiny to positively impact the lives of others. She ventures daily to inspire and to motivate those who have gone or who are going through great or small amounts of adversity; therefore, she uses her belief and passion of Emotional Resilience and a mantra “Don’t Shrink; Shine!  Just because life’s circumstances have thrown us the curve ball of hardship, it does not make our purpose, dreams, goals, and visions irrelevant. We should refuse to shrink from challenging circumstances, but let them develop us into prevailing, grateful, and well-rounded healthy individuals. Because words are powerful; speak life, choose wisdom, and don’t shrink from darkness, but be a victorious overcomer and shine through it!”

Kim Sharell is the mother of four precious & handsome sons and wife to an amazing supportive husband.  She’s also the only daughter of loving North Carolina native parents, a bonded granddaughter to wonderful grandparents, sister to caring brothers, niece to many amazing aunts & one uncle, cousin and sister-friend to a host of special loved ones. Her branches are strong because her roots run deep in the soil of a gracious earthly family and faith in a heavenly Jesus, all encased in overwhelming love.

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