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Hi there, Kim Sharell here!

Welcome! Double certified life coach and master resilience trainer, I help professional leaders in high demand jobs navigate through personal adversity and stress to be a more effective leader through Emotional Resilience Coaching. If you don’t have the ER tools working in your life or your organization, it’s time to add it. Let me show you why and how! Cheers and Blessings,

“One of my favorite things is to see HOPE light up on someone’s face and heart when I know hopelessness and despair had taken up residence in their soul for far too long.”

Kim Sharell

Coaching Services

Emotional Resilience Coaching for the Elite Signature Training Program

Forum: Hybrid Live & Online Training Course (8 weeks) or In-person Training Day (8 hrs)

Emotional Resilience 1:1 Coaching (4 week minimum)

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Top Managers, Supervisors, Team Chiefs, Go-getter Leaders

Emotional Resilience Coaching for the Elite Digital Course

Forum: Online Program in a Self-Paced Classroom

Speaking Topics

Emotional Resilience

Stuck in feelings of anxiety, mood swings, playing the victim, overreacting, and negative rumination? Let’s seek true freedom!


The big bright umbrella of self-acceptance and self-esteem that covers us and drives many very important decisions of life must be regularly tended to.

Self-Love & Dating

We all deserve to love and to be loved! However, priority must be self-love before considering a dating relationship with another.

Veganism in the Brown Community

Embracing veganism for a couple years now, hear Coach Kim Sharell’s compelling story behind her decision.

Worship Leader Chronicles

Trained singer and song vocalizing in front of pageantry and church crowds since age 7, Coach Kim Sharell loves the position of worship leader.

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