Emotional Resilience Coaching for the Elite Signature Training Program

Emotional Resilience Coaching for the Elite Signature Training Program

Forum: Hybrid Live & Online Training Course (12 weeks)

This is a non-traditional training program taught by a “no boring strategies allowed” instructor that is passionate about what emotional resilience (ER) can do for each practitioner.  Imagine being guided through becoming tough as nails with new ER skill building by a confident knowledgeable coach, persistent in her ability for you to “get it” and win!

For over a decade, Kim has been the confidant and trusted agent to her employer’s top management authorities, as well as trained hundreds of employees responsible for budgets in the millions and trillions in the federal government sector dollars. Now she’s providing open access to what she knows it takes to preserve your emotional resilience.  Her desire is to see thousands of lives around the world be able to increase winning self-confidence, truly be honest with and accept themselves, get unstuck by releasing painful inhibiting feelings, letting go of all self-condemnation, face unfinished emotional business once and for all, and recapture or discover happy times that you thought were lost forever. 

Let NOW be your time and let’s power up your emotional resilience muscle; because trust me, you’re going to need it!

  • 8 Weeks of weekly 1hour live video coaching calls
  • Training material for reference through programs structured framework
  • Workbook including weekly growth assignments and self-reflection questions 
  •  Members-Only Bonuses:
    • Artistic compilation of 10 original quick motivational song clips sang by Coach Kim
    • Vault of 20 of my best 1 to 3-minute emotional pick-me-up inspirational talks
    • Power list of 100 Positive Self-Affirmations for Passionate Elite Leaders; PDF & Audio
    • Plus other bonuses throughout the course including over 40 app and article suggestions
  • The studies and research behind “why” emotional resilience
  • The ROI of Emotional Resilience
  • Digging up weeds.  Goal visualization & setting
  • Unlocking the happiness we truly want to feel; authentically YOU
  • Spirituality, kinesthetics, community & their affect on our emotional state
  • Acting in our best interest.  Thought Maintenance, Positive self-talk, & Gratitude
  • The idea behind the big bright umbrella; Self-Confidence
  • Handling “in the heat of the moment” feelings; our emotions under stress 
  • Accountability and much much more!
  • The ability to adapt and overcome any obstacle
  • An understanding of the challenges you’ve overcome & how that puts you ahead of many
  • Heightened self-acceptance &  self-assurance, and a shift in the ideas around self-confidence
  • What skills are most important to have for a well equipped emotional toolbox
  • Understanding of what external factors trigger strong emotions
  • Learned social circle building skills. A life-changing shift in mindset
  • Confidently possess the tools for emotional success

Limited slots available for each program cycle

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