A Vintage Christmas

New EP available on all platforms.

Thank You Acknowledgements

I could not complete this special project without sharing thank you acknowledgments to some amazing people:First, to my sons for being my greatest inspiration, Mommy loves you with unwavering love. My parents, family unit, and the tribe of friends for always being uber supportive of anything I venture to do, I appreciate you! To everyone that gave of there time and talent to be on this project: Shakira Oswald, I am blessed by your gift more than you’ll ever know; you featuring on this project made it that much more special to me; thank you. (Sing Best Friend!) Chris Snowden, your talent is unmatched and I’m so grateful you got to share your passion for MY project. You’re amazing; thank you! Robert White your skill blows my mind. Keep showing the world what you do best; thank you! Justin Gray thank you for bringing the fire on your guitar; I appreciate you! Jason Meekins you bring a wonderful cohesive sound to this project and I thank you huge! To My Platinum Sounds, Interstellar Designz, and SC Photography; your crafting and creativity brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for placing all the pieces together so beautifully! And last but certainly not least, Sam Hill. BRO! Your skill, expertise, patience, and vision throughout this creative process have been nothing short of a wonderful blessing. Working with you has pushed me to grow and be better in more ways than you realize. It was an absolute joy working with you on this project. Massive respect and appreciation from me to you my friend. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It was all worth it! 


A Labor of Love

May God bless everyone that decided to grab a copy of A Vintage Christmas and add it to your Christmas collection of music. This project truly was a labor of love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!

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