Something Hard Happened 1:1 Coaching

Something Hard Happened 1:1 Coaching

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Top Managers, Supervisors, Team Chiefs, Go-getter Leaders

  • Allowing a coach to challenge you to stretch & grow.  I will not leave you alone
  • Heavy focus on self-awareness, self-esteem, independence, and self-confidence
  • Cause & effect of explosive emotions
  • The powerful transformational  ability of “truth and honesty” 
  • Understanding the impact community and interdependence plays on each of us
  • Emotional resilience roadblocks and skills to combat them
  • A life-changing shift in mindset
  • A greater awareness of 
  • Scaffolding in your healing journey
  • Possession of life-long useful tools to combat negative disempowering emotions
  • Genuine support to a healthy state of  mind and emotions
  • A real change in lowering stress and toxic thinking 

12-Week Commitment

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