Is Past Pain Holding You Hostage From Your Best Life?

Back in 2013 after experiencing a firestorm of unfortunate and undesired events, that left my family reeling in post traumatic stress and pain, I found myself journeying on a quest to regain a sense of normalcy and joy not only for myself, but also for my children; let me explain. 

You see, we were thrust into the experience of painfully ripping a line down our family unit as we knew it.  It was a very difficult season and it hurt tremendously.  But from very early on in this quest, I knew as the matriarch of my family that it was my responsibility to seek out the most fitting path forward for the benefit of my children and myself.

I did my best; I got some things wrong but many things right, and none-the-less I got through it with my sanity in place and joy shining bright.  Fast forward to now, I campaign with my life the healing of others from past pain.  Because of the life lessons I’ve undoubtedly learned, I genuinely believe it would be selfish of me to not pull up and spur others on in strength.  So if you or you know someone in a tough season of life and can’t seem to discover the route to wholeness, can I be your journey sister?  Because I want to passionately encourage you and state that I was once where you are therefore I can confidently say that no season last forever. 

You can do the tough but worthy work and get through this and feel amazing about your accomplishments.  So let’s navigate these mucky waters of life together to find on the other side a life of fulfillment that is happy, healthy, and whole.

I believe in You and Praying for You,

XO – Kim Sharell

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