The Primary Thing I Did To Turn My Dream Into Reality

Did you know that most people have dreams in life, at least one, but very few actually make their dream a reality?

Even with knowledge of this stagering fact, do you still do things that push you towards goals and dreams like make a vision board?  I personally create one every year.  Why because I’ve discovered that when I have visual reminders of goals and dreams I should be reaching for, this catapults me into action to reach them.

When the word dream is thought of, it creates a sense of grandure.  It’s an obscure idea that surely seems bigger and more involved than a goal.  However when I set out to fulfill one of my life dreams of creating an artistic musical project, the journey to completion involved unexpected steps that lead me to getting it done.  However the journey began with one key step I had to do to turn my dream to more than just a thought, but manifest it into a reality.

The thing that was mandatory for me to do was believe that my dream was possible.  A shift in mindset was truly more than half of the battle to accomplishing something so monumental.  I had to take my heart and mind on a journey from believing that the dream was too lofty to obtain, to believing that I could and would actually do it.  This process required I relinquish fear in exchange for faith.  It meant I had to submit negative beliefs to empowering ones.  Once the correct belief was in place, this pushed me to put my faith into action.  Not only pray over my dreams, but seek out the steps to get there.  I had to connect with other game changers that would help me get there because surrounding myself with others that fight for dreams was vital.  Once it was not just something I talked about, but was actually pursuing until I was able to share my work with the world.  Believe me, there is no feeling like giving your creative passion over to others for their blessing.

So I wonder, what is your most earnest dream?  What is the burning passion in your heart?  Have you purposed in your heart that it will come to pass because you declare to work in tandem with God and do it?  Let reading this post be the push you needed to get started on turning your dream into reality.  It wil be one of the most worthy investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

I’m prayer for and cheering for you!


Kim Sharell

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